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Food and drink

Food and drink

Good food is an important part of a travel experience. We recommend the restaurant at Salpamuseo (4 km) (lunch, coffee, snacks etc).

Other restaurants:

Lunch Time ,Vaalimaa shopping center (21km) , lunch, coffee, snacks (Liquor store also at the shopping center)

Pikku Hukka, Virojoki (15 km) pizza and kebab

Grill&bar Aurora, Virojoki(15 km) , grill

Ravintola Olkihattu, Säkäjärvi golf course (18 km) . Top-of-the-class (www.juuret.net)

Takatalo&Tompuri Brewery, Ravijärvi, (28km) Suomen parasta oluttaProvides the best beer in Finland ja excellent theme meals (www.takatalotompuri.com)

Bistro&Bar Potkuri, Klamila harbour (38km). Long drive, but worth it. Good summer restaurant (www.bbpotkuri.fi)

Please also consider making Your own meals. There´s a summer kitchen where You can grill. The nearest market is only at 4km distance and don´t forget the Miehikkälä evening markets, where You can buy f.ex fresh strawberries directly from the producers. Vaalimaanjoki river perch with grilled potatoes, sour cream sauce with dill?? Cool sparkling wine perhaps? Enjoyed outdoors, of course.

Remember to bring out what You bring in, we respect the nature.