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Entrepreneur´s story

Entrepreneur´s story

From  the beginning of my 2nd 50 years, I´ve felt  a need to go back to the basics. Enough with the hustle and bustle, more tranquillity and  balance with the nature.  Back to the happy childhood, perhaps.

After my dad died, I inherited  a piece of land  at the Hauhia village. At first I intended to build a small cottage there. But then I got a phonecall from my nephew , who asked If I wanted to buy the Hauhia Mill area instead. My childhood´s surroundings.  In that lot there was a watermill, a sawmill, a small 1860´s loghouse  , a cowhouse , a sauna and a garage - and 900 Sylvi Hauhia´s statues. After 2 min. thinking the answer was “Yes”.  Not did I know how big this project would become….

After 1,5 years of renovation  the house is now ok.  I´ve always been interested in history and heritage, so It´s been my duty to fix the Hauhia Mill also.  One of mill´s builders was my grand-grandfather Emanuel Hauhia, so the mill is a bit of my family heritage also. Some things are already fixed. We´ ve changed to river basin, so the raging  water and ice  don´t break the mill structures any more and the migratory fish can rise up the river. This project was the best environmental project of 2021 announced by the Regional Advisory Council for Environmental Policy . We´ve also built a new roof and reinforced the log structures so we can use the upper floor as a café and as  an art expo . There´s still a lot to do with the mill, the sawmill and the cowhouse. Anyone want to help ?? :smile:

Sylvi Hauhia´s outsider art is an important part of this story. Just in the recent years, I´ve come to understand the real effect, meaning and strength of Sylvi´s art.  Her art rises from  the peaceful but hard country living  and radiates a good-natured atmosphere.

The cowhouse  and the surroundings were  after the purchase named again as “Gallery Sylvi”.  It has now been open for 2 summers, with a summer café of course (My wife Tuija bakes excellent cinnamon rolls.)

We always wanted to offer more art to the public, so a 25m2 mural “Nähdä, See” by Victor Markelov was released 2022.  Hopefully  there´s more art to come. All artists are welcome to the Hauhian Mylly, together we´ll be able to create masterpieces !

As part of the story of sharing this great place with the public, we also built a glamping lodge “Angervo”. This lodge has a great view to the Vaalimaanjoki  river valley. We are constantly fixing and building things, so 2023 you´ll see a fixed sauna and another unique lodge.

 I wish my dream of sharing this magnificent place  brings  positive thoughts and tranquillity to our visitors !