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Fishing at the river

Fishing at the river

Vaalimaanjoki river start from Luotosenjärvi lake south of Luumäki. Tyllinjärvi in Miehikkälä is the biggest lake along the river. The last kilometer of the river is on Russian side of the border and before it the river acts as a border river for 2 km.

Sea trout has been living in Vaalimaanjoki for ages, but the last 50-70 year the damms have been keeping it for rising up the river. During the last years the damms have been demolished and trouts have come back also to Hauhiankoski.

Other fish species here are pike, perch, bleak, burbot, roach, ruff and brook lamprey. Even pike-perches can be found.

Please check local fishing regulations first. Angling is permitted to everyone without a license as log as you don´t fish at the rapids.