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Muhikko circular trail 6,3 km

Muhikko circular trail 6,3 km
€40.00 / 1 h 30 min
Price includes 10 persons.

This easy 6,3 km trail goes over the Vaalimaanjoki river and pass the Muhikko cottage. Route is partly marked Salpa Line Trail, part village road and part forest paths. Start and stop at the Hauhia mill. You´ll get to know and feel the Finnish forest, river nature and Salpa Line (there´ s a bunker near You cas visit). Perhaps You´ll even see beavers ??

Vou can do it by yourselves or with our local guide (40€/1,5h). This route can also be driven by a mountain bike (rent from the Salpa Line Museum) During wintertime You can use snow shoes or ski.